Clouds Navigate, echoes a voyage in the North, exploring the poetics and physics of five cloud phenomena.
The photographs reveal fragments of the Arctic captured at a peculiar time: …

“as snowflakes fall so slow … I could hear the clouds navigating over the frozen sea, observing the light evolving to the polar night,  …”.

Scientific articles, written by acknowledge professors, mirror with remote landscapes. Throughout the book, a silent dialogue, streams a poetic illusion of an imaginary soulmate.
The photographs in Clouds Navigate were made primarily in the North Atlantic Sea, on the remote volcanic island of Jan Mayen, Svalbard archipelago, North of Iceland and Norway,
and the Cloud Forest in Costa Rica, between 2015 and 2017.

Photographs and poetic texts by Nana H. Pohjanpalo
Design and edit by Nana H. Pohjanpalo & Karl Henrik Edlund
Image processing and pre-press by Petri Kuokka/ Aarnipaja Ky
Printed by Narayana Press, Denmark
26,7 x 30,5 centimeter
132 pages
Hardcover with blind embossing of cloud outline
ISBN: 978–952–94–5307–8
Limited edition of 700 copies

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